Socket tube is connected with the socket connection with the pipe fittings, commonly used in cast iron pipe and acid-resistant ceramic tubes. Insert a tube into the other end of the socket, in the annulus within the first fill in the asbestos or asbestos rope, and then into the glue (such as cement, acid clay, etc.), to achieve the purpose of sealing.

Fittings for specific circumstances such as high-pressure steam equipment, chemical high-temperature high-pressure pipelines, power plants and nuclear power plant pressure vessels, high pressure boiler accessories. Pipe is the pipe system from the connection, control, change direction, shunt, sealing, supporting the role of the components such as collectively.

Socket pressure to withstand the pressure level, the general socket welding, butt-welded pipe fittings in the form of pressure levels are divided into 3000LB (SCH80), 6000LB (SCH160), 9000 (XXS). Threaded pipe fittings in the form of pressure levels are divided into 2000LB, 3000LB, 6000LB.

It is mainly applied to petrochemical, medical and health, power, aerospace, military, fire, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power and environmental protection requirements of high pressure, size precision and other sectors and fields.