Adopt updated software and hardware equipment, and successively create innovative achievements

Unremitting pursuit of quality,all things for customers" is the quality policy that Kezheng people always insist on, as a ball valve manufacturer, we believe that continuously seeking perfect quality is where the follow-up power of an enterprise's development is at.Our company possesses modern production and checkout equipments and is strictly in accordanc with ISO9OO1 quality certificate to operate.We,Kezheng people,are willing to share the first-rate products and perfect services with the old and new customers.

A country without strong manufacturing force will never become strong economic country, the enterprise always the same. The base of market competition always can't apart from production ability, strong capital and perfect & advanced hardware facilities. Kezheng company not only introduces advanced producing steam line in same trade but also invested great capital to do hardware facilities' construction to produce internationalization standardized valve with internationalization producingfacilities.